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Meet the 'Other Guys'

Here are the profiles of the coders and general support guys that are involved in this project. Again, there is a lot of experience of modding and of their various roles amongst these people





Tony 'Nestor Makhno' Gillham - Producer

Tony 'Nestor Makhno' Gillham

Tony has been involved in mapping for and modding Red orchestra since the game was released. he worked as a level designer for the Carpathian Crosses mod and then went on to oversee the Steam release of the Darkest Hour mod. In his own words, his task is 'to supervise the efforts of people far more talented than himself'.



Philip 'BorisTSR' Edwards - Lead Programmer

Philip 'BorisTSR' EdwardsPhilip has previously worked as lead programmer on Hostile Takeover 2050 for Unreal Tournament 3 and has worked as a web developer professionally for the past few years. He will be heading up the programming team on Rising Storm.


Philip's site


Sturt 'Psycho Ch!cken' Jeffery - Programmer

Sturt 'Psycho Ch!cken' JefferySturt was the Programming Lead on the popular Red Orchestra: Ostfront mod Darkest Hour for two years, devising and implementing many of the mod's notable features and playing a major role in preparing the mod for its Steam release. A server engineer by day, he has a degree in Computer Science and has been part of the RO community since the second beta, so he truly understands what the community want and expect.


Harlan Glenn - Researcher

Harlan GlennMilitary History is Harlan's life passion, and he works as a Weapons Armorer/Trainer and Pyrotechnics Operator for TV and Film. He has worked in a research role on HBO's Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

He has published books and articles on the Pacific War, USMC and Japanese uniforms, equipment, and defensive systems. He often returns to Tarawa, Saipan, Peleliu, Guam, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and hosted Battle Rats, Iwo Jima. Working on games is not new to him, as he was historical consultant on Rising Sun and Pacific Assault, and Call of Duty.

Yuri 'Taranov' Pasholok - Researcher

Yuri 'Taranov' PasholokYuri works for the Central Great Patriotic War Museum at Poklonnaya Gora, Moscow. He has worked as a historical adviser on numerous games, including Il-2 Sturmovik, Forgotten Hope and Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943. he provides the team with extensive reference material for modelling, loadouts and the like.




Manato Sekiguchi - Voice Actor

Manato Sekiguchi

Manato is a London-based actor who is completing his training at ALRA.

He has appeared in several film and theatre works, including the film, 47 Ronin, with Keanu Reeves


Manato's casting profile



Junichi Kajioka - Voice Actor

Junichi is an actor and voice over artist who has worked in film, TV and theatre in Japan, China and the U.K. His recent acting work includes roles in the Universal Pictures production of "47 Ronin", Zhang Yimou's "The 13 Women of Nanjing", "Madam Butterfly" at the Royal Albert Hall and a sushi chef in a "118 118" TV advert. His recent voiceover work for computer games includes, SEGA's "Shogun2: Total War" and KONAMI's "Birds of Steel". He also has experience in ADR (film and TV dubbing) and corporate voices.

Junichi's site


Masashi Fujimoto - Voice Actor

Masashi was born in Hiroshima and graduated in Tokyo ( BA in Music). He started his professional career as an opera singer in Japan and moved to the UK in 1995.

His most high-profile role is Mr Banzai, in the C4’s BANZAI. His recent credits include, “The King and I”, “Whiskey Kisses” Christmas Pantomime “Aladdin”, Film “Gambit” “47 Ronin"

For voice over work, BBC cartoon “Things Talk”, Video Game “Shogun 2” TV comedy “Roman’s empire”, etc.

Masashi's site


Tim Davenport - Voice Actor

Tim was born in Western New York and grew up in Virginia.  He trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and studied Meisner with Tom Radcliffe.  TV includes Hiroshima, Band of Brothers, American Embassy, Casualty and Conquest. Film includes Second Son and Iron Cross. Video games: Shellshock 2, Medieval Total War, Spartan Total Warrior and performance capture coordinating on Killzone 2.

Tim also works as a fight director across a spectrum of live and recorded media.  He is resident fight director at Drama Centre London. Tim's IMDb


Tommy Campbell - Voice Actor

Tommy Campbell's Film/TV appearances include "The Dark Knight", "Doctor Who", "Spooks" and "Green Zone". He voiced several characters in the video game "Crysis 2" and currently plays the title role in the animated series "Matt Hatter Chronicles". Also a busy stand-up comedian, Tommy Campbell has performed stand-up in over thirty-five countries and regularly performs on the overseas British Armed Forces and RAF bases.

Tommy's Website


Matthew 'Fat Referee' Quitter - Sound Engineer

Matthew started his music career working in a studio in New York City with the likes of the Fugees, Avril Lavigne, and Herbie Hancock.

Nowadays Matthew lives in London and is one half of the successful music production company Touchy Finger - www.touchyfinger.com - who write music for recording artists, musicals, adverts and tv shows.  In the computer game world he can be found predominantly playing Fifa 11 online, at which he's convinced himself he's the best in the world.


Ben Hollway - Composer

The other half of Touchy Finger, Ben is a classically trained composer at Cambridge University, and has scored the music for a diverse range of media projects, from BBC films, documentaries and Oscar trailers, to Island Records UK, Grime/Hip Hop Artists.

His concert music has been performed by international ensembles in the USA, UK and Australia.



Stefan Rutherford - Audio Environments & Design

Passionate about audio implementation, sound design and the future of interactive audio. Currently studying an Msc in Sound and Music for Interactivity and hopes that one day he might earn his bread working in the games industry. His goals on the Rising Storm project are to further hone the game's soundscape into a realistic immersive acoustic environment.

His showreel can be seen here.


Jan Szalkowski - Server Engineer

Jan has 15 years' experience working with Unix and Networks.  
He is an expert in high traffic scalable websites, virtualisation and databases.

He will be helping make sure Rising Storm runs well on as many servers as possible.



Sebastian 'Szeder' Sándor - Vehicle Implementation

Sebastian is a self-taught modeller and scripter, and a tank fanatic. He was leader of the 'Revenge of Turul' mod for RO: Ostfront. In this project he is responsible for vehicle implementation - meaning he does some modelling, coding, rigging and animation.

Fortunately he cannot texture as well or the rest of the team would fear that he is not human.

Revenge of Turul


Jesse 'Zetsumei' van Dongen - QA Manager

Jesse is a person that generally hates bugs and exploits. Being a fan of competitive gaming and seeing how easily bugs and exploits could destroy a game, a desire was formed to do something about it.  Being a previous member of the voluntary Tripwire core test team, finding and making sure all the nasty critters are squashed will be his main responsibility.