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Meet the Art Team

Here are the profiles of the art team members. After a lot of searching and testing we are very excited about the talent we have on board. Check out these profiles and you will be able to see why.




Hywel 'A.Rabbit' Thomas - Environment Artist

Hywel 'A.Rabbit' ThomasA. Rabbit has recently completed a BA (Hons) in Computer Games and Visual Effects, at Anglia Ruskin University from which he achieved a first-class honours. During his studies he worked extensively with the Unreal Engine, which lead to 'Outlast' being created for his final major project with the UDK. He specializes in material/vertex shaders as well as interactive foliage.


Hywel's site


Charles 'Meta Morphe' Thomas - Materials Artist

Charles ThomasCharles has been working in the games industry as a freelance 2D and 3D artist for 3 years now. He has worked on such titles as E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy, The Cursed Crusade and, more recently, on Endless Space. he is bringing his knowledge of specialised materials to Rising Storm.


Charles' site


Jan-Philipp 'Peacekeeper' Küppers - Particle FX

Jan-Philipp 'Peacekeeper' KueppersPeacekeeper is well known for his particles used in the "Battlefield Smoke Mod" and other effects mods for Empire:Total War and the Source mod, Battlegrounds 2. In Rising Storm he will be bringing the heat, smoke, dust...and mosquitoes of the Pacific theater to our players.




Nils 'Julhelm' Dücker - Environment Modelling

Nils 'Julhelm' DuckerNils has always been interested in games, graphics  and has worked in the industry for a few years, most recently on Battlefield 3. He is a huge technical nerd and maintains an ever-growing library of aerospace, military and naval literature, as well as an equally ever-growing comics collection. In Rising Storm he will be producing environment art, carrying out optimization and nitpicking in general.

His portfolio is here.


Conan 'Kraetzer' Lang - Environment Modelling

Conan LangKraetzer has 2 and a half years of my modeling experience, starting with a re-texture of a Messerschmidt BF 109 E4, made by Toddel, the Environment lead, for Forgotten Hope.

Most of what Conan learnt, he learnt from Thorsten and so he is looking forward to learning more during this project. Conan has been in several mods and always had fun but the most knowledge and fun he got during his time on FH2.

You can see his work for Forgotten Hope here.

Tibo 'Miro!' Jansingh - Graphic Designer

Tibo 'Miro!' JansinghMiro! has worked in Graphic Design as a professional for several years, in both publishing and in website design. he is responsible for the look and feel of Rising Storm  - from the website to the publicity work, to the game interface. It is Miro!'s work that gives RS its character.




Thorsten 'Toddel' Hartrampf - Lead Env & Hard Surfaces Modeller

Thorsten 'Toddel' HartrampfThorsten started modeling 5 years ago, bringing his knowledge of design working for a German TV production company to computer modeling. He started working for the Forgotten Hope 2 mod for BF2 and has worked at a prodigious rate, making more than 1200 statics and 50 vehicles. We look forward to seeing what he can do for RS.


Toddel's work

Ian Graham 'Niflheim' Frampton - Character Modeller

Ian 'Niflheim' FramptonIan graduated from De Montfort University with a degree in Game Art. He enjoys 3d Art - particularly sculpting in z-brush.




Ross 'Ram145' Martin - Animator

Ross 'Ram145' MartinRoss has recently graduated from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge with a BA Hons in Computer Games and Visual Effects, where he began working with the Unreal Engine with Hywel Thomas on a mod called 'Outlast'. He will be contributing as an animator to Rising Storm.


Ross' folio


Eric 'Blue Phoenix' Weiss - Animation Lead

EricEric has over 20 years of experience in computer animation and has worked on numerous feature films, TV shows and game projects.





Kevin 'Seitzomatic' Seitz  - Animator

Kevin studies animation at Madison Media Institute under Eric Weiss.




His Folio work can be seen here.

Chad 'Clanimals' Longworth  - Animator

Chad also studies animation at Madison Media Institute under Eric Weiss.





Dan Tafaro  - Mo-cap Animator

Dan is a current student at Madison Media Institute, and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BFA.  He specializes in motion capture animation, and has experience dealing with every aspect of the motion capture pipeline…from cleaning, to solving, to advanced editing of captured data.

His portfolio can be seen at www.spikedmotion.com



Ben 'Jamin' Dalling  - Character Modeller

Ben is a self taught 3d character artist who has worked on multiple indie games during the past 3 years. He is well versed in character creation using 3ds max, photoshop and Zbrush.

The games he has worked on include Imperial Winter and Overdose.


Jamin's Portfolio


Yann 'Un_Connard' Beaufils  - Character Modeller

Yann has always wanted to make video games so he studied 3D at "ESMA Toulouse", a 3D animation school.

His first work was to create a RPG prototype during his scholarship. This was followed by work in a post-production company.

You can see his latest work here.


Jeff 'Killi' Almquist  - Animator

Jeff has over 12 years of animation experience beginning with several years working as a medical animator. He became interested in character animation and joined the team creating the Battlefield 2 mod "Forgotten Hope 2" where he animated the majority of the hand weapons. After training at Animation Mentor he went on to work on the feature film "Ice Age:Dawn of the Dinosaurs" and the console game "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2".

His showreel can be seen here.

András 'Greenh0rn' Szábo  - Vehicle/Weapon Modeller

András is a budding 3d artist, who started 3d modelling 2 years ago when he worked on the 'Revenge of the Turul' mod for Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. His job will be creating the vehicle interiors and weapons for Rising Storm.

He says, "I really looking forward to work with the professional and experienced artists of this team, I know for sure I will learn lots of interesting and useful things from them on this project."

"Revenge of the Turul can be seen here.

Etienne 'Boyso' Boisseau  - Weapons Modeller

Boyso has recently graduated in video games with honors at Inter-Dec College. He has worked on UDK during his whole academic year. He specializes in weapons and props.

It was his eye for detail and realistic texture work which caught the attention of the team and you will see plenty of that in his weapons for RS.

Here is his portfolio.


Richard 'Quicksilver' Dawson - Visual Effects Artist


Richard is a visual effects artist, currently studying a BSc (Hons) in Film Technology and Visual Effects.  He has worked in VFX for several years, and works mostly with AE, 3DsMax, Photoshop and Adobe Premiere.

Richard has been involved in many different projects, some of which can be found on his youtube page.